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moats and boats and waterfalls

home is when I'm alone with you

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my name is beth
I'm 21 years old and a Junior in college.
I'm married to an old-world young gentleman named Matt. Our day was October 30th, 2009; he's my best friend. We have two cats (Daggett and Chandler). They're my annoying, fuzz-faced babies. I spend most of my time working as an administrative assistant at an architectural office and being a full-time student.
I love cooking, beauty, and photography; I run a food blog to compliment these interests. I find the greatest meaning working with my hands..Although I'm, currently, enrolled as a Psychology major, one day, I hope to open a bakery. But, for now, I'm doing some free-lance makeup artistry work and attempting to live a somewhat peaceful existence.

I am Blair Waldorf.


if you, simply, cannot contain yourself: post them here.

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